On-Site Training

You can bring Theraplay® training to your home town!

Our strategic goal is to have a training center in every region of the country—a partner that offers a regular schedule of Level One and Level Two training.  We currently have six regional centers:

The Theraplay Institute
Evanston, Illinois


Child Help
Phoenix, Arizona


Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education
Fairfax, Virginia

 Children's Bureau, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana


Juliana Poore Counseling Center
Houston’s First Baptist Church
Houston, Texas

Kids & Families Together
Ventura, California


Until we have completed setting up the regional centers, we can come on-site to qualified sponsors.  For more information about requirements, please contact us .

Qualified sponsors provide a free venue, A-V, and help with organizing and promoting the training in exchange for a scholarship.  This option is available only in the Continental U.S and Canada, and requires a minimum of 12 participants.  Trainings are open registration and we advertise on our website.

We can also contract with you for a private training for 12-30 participants.  This is the only way training is delivered outside of North America, and costs vary by size of training.

Contract Special!  If your organization is within 100 miles of a certified Theraplay trainer, we will come do the training for up to 12 people for the “bring a friend” registration rate of $895/person.  This price includes travel for the trainer and Theraplay books. 

Presentations:  For larger groups or conferences, we have presentations ranging in length from 1.5 hours to two days.  Content can be customized to fit your needs and audience.

For more information about any of these options, contact us .

Regional Training Centers