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Certification is available at three levels: Theraplay Practitioner: Foundational; Theraplay Practitioner: Intermediate and Certified Theraplay Practitioner. Enrolling in the certification practicum is not required to receive supervision. For more information, click here.

If you’re looking for the one best-practice, trauma-informed care technique for working with children and families, Theraplay is it! The training exponentially expanded my understanding and hands-on ability to promote healing!"Lark Eshleman, PhD, Creator of the STAT treatment model (Synergistic Trauma and Attachment Therapy)

Our Theraplay Training Stories*

I was positively surprised by the depth of information I’ve gained from this training."

So much great information and excellent tools that can be used right away. I am a better therapist because of this training!"

The whole package was excellent. Lots of thought has gone into all aspects of this training. Nicely paced, and the trainers came across as fresh and enthusiastic. Most enjoyable, thank you."

The trainers were very experienced, knowledgeable about a wide range of interventions and complexities of families, children and trauma. They work in the “real” world. They are very capable and have great depth to their training. This was an expensive training for my agency but well worth it."
Incredible. I feel this week’s experience will help me be a better therapist, and if I ever had a child, a better parent than I would have been without the training."

Excellent training! I am excited to use Theraplay with my clients and look forward to more Theraplay training in the future! Also, a big thanks for taking such good care of us during the training."

The training provided me with tools to use immediately to meet needs not being met with other methods used at our agency. I like the way the instructors modeled the concepts with us through role plays and how they interacted with us. I appreciate that this training taught what it promised and the instructors’ passion came through both for Theraplay and for teaching us. Thanks so much!"
I can use it right away. It’s concrete; I feel like walking out the door I “get it” and can use it."
Iwould like to personally thank you for the most beautiful, motivating, inspiring, energetic, action packed, invigorating and absolutely fantastic training that I have ever attended. The training has changed the way that I will be working with children for the rest of my professional career."











*These comments were taken from anonymous training evaluations from the past year.


About Our Training