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Disclaimer: This directory includes individuals with various levels of Theraplay training but have at least completed Level One Theraplay training. Those that are in the practicum or have been certified at any level (Foundational, Intermediate or Fully Certified) have received professional supervision of their Theraplay work. Those that have completed Level One training but have not been certified at any level we cannot guarantee best Theraplay practice as the quality of their work is unknown


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Name Phone
Rita Vatcher 508-341-3104
Nolan Marie Vitzthum 515-450-2583
Trina Vogel
Sarah Vorva 405-726-9808
Phyllis-Ann Walsh 607-639-2300
Pam Walz 320-407-1110
Jeannie Warren 618-444-8761
Jessica Weidel 513-310-5423
Phyllis W. Wells 210-209-0642
Cheryl Welsh 855-543-7687
Julianna Wesolowski
Shenae Whitehead 910-817-2650
Marlo Winstead 816-914-9509
Shelly Woertink 269-372-6500
Yafen Wu-Pang 626-780-0458
Debra Zand 314-498-0368
Tiffany Zarifkar 319-693-2266
Orly Zimmerman-Leizerov 301-235-9927
Connie Sundberg 707-444-8293
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