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If you cannot find a local practitioner on our web directory and would like assistance, please contact our Clinic Coordinator, Anna Grinshpun at 847-256-7334 x 130, or by email

Disclaimer: This directory includes individuals with various levels of Theraplay training but have at least completed Level One Theraplay training. Those that are in the practicum or have been certified at any level (Foundational, Intermediate or Fully Certified) have received professional supervision of their Theraplay work. Those that have completed Level One training but have not been certified at any level we cannot guarantee best Theraplay practice as the quality of their work is unknown


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Name Phone
Marla Cannefax 903-330-5579
Andrea Caplinger 405-843-1551, option 4
Angela Cavett 701-809-5370
Shannon Murphy Cerise 214-587-7834
Cheryl Chaloner 970-903-8323
Melanie Chung-Sherman 972-998-6139
Meg Clark-Soriano 856-985-9091
Pamela Clausen 406-550-0524
Jodi Cobb 443-574-5322
Gloria Cockerill 708-476-0692
Allen Rand Coleman 610-716-4334
Robin Coull 919-794-3770
Charlotte Cox 855-677-KIDS
Kate Creason 317-721-9585
Kristi Cronan 770-653-7849
Jean Crume 501-666-9220
Sherjuana Davis
Jes Dimas 503-472-4020
Karen Drew 307-755-6463
Ce Eshelman 916-403-0588
Chris Eaton 805-458-7437
Emily Eisenbaum 716-818-8542
Kimberly Eldridge (630) 377-6613
Lynnanne Eurton 210-213-0599
Candice Evans 202-204-5018
Kim Feeney 563-349-9595
Christina Fiddes 404-875-4551 Ext. 319
Iris Fitz
Amy Flowers 205-234-5431
Katie Ford 828-713-8930
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