Practitioner Listing - United States

If you cannot find a local practitioner on our web directory and would like assistance, please contact our Clinic Coordinator, Anna Grinshpun at 847-256-7334 x 130, or by email

Disclaimer: This directory includes individuals with various levels of Theraplay training but have at least completed Level One Theraplay training. Those that are in the practicum or have been certified at any level (Foundational, Intermediate or Fully Certified) have received professional supervision of their Theraplay work. Those that have completed Level One training but have not been certified at any level we cannot guarantee best Theraplay practice as the quality of their work is unknown


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Name Phone
Rosemary Frazel 612-351-4846
Faith Friedlander 805-643-2488
Catherine Fries 484-899-9665
Jennifer Froemel 773-312-3612
Donna Gates 847-625-0606
Lindsay Gayle 317-537-7810
Rebecca Gerlach 734-355-5078
Susan Gestal 203-554-9085
Lydia Glibota 248-923-5171
Bonni Goodwin 405-548-4686
Renee Goughler 918-260-8282
Bruce Grant 404-960-1282
Lucinda Grapenthin 404-433-7363
Molly Gratton 208-576-6464
Molly Gray 314-991-9058
Alexis Greeves 651-484-4184
Verness Gregory 512-225-3682
Resa Hayes 970-379-2763
Rana Hong 224-715-7755
Helen Horn 310-422-6057
Rebecca Howe 805-798-3942
Krista Hummer 703-822-1210
Emily Jernberg 734-395-1091
Anita Johanson-Maddox 847-287-3096
Jeremy Johnson 615-308-7804
Jane Johnson 970-631-8873
Nancy Johnson 619-985-9765
Sandie Johnson
Katherine Jones 707-365-7777
Mandy Jones 920-988-7549
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