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If you cannot find a local practitioner on our web directory and would like assistance, please contact our Clinic Coordinator, Anna Grinshpun at 847-256-7334 x 130, or by email

Disclaimer: This directory includes individuals with various levels of Theraplay training but have at least completed Level One Theraplay training. Those that are in the practicum or have been certified at any level (Foundational, Intermediate or Fully Certified) have received professional supervision of their Theraplay work. Those that have completed Level One training but have not been certified at any level we cannot guarantee best Theraplay practice as the quality of their work is unknown


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Name Phone
Carol Josefson 217-428-3458 ext. 226
R. Shea Karam 303-875-3941
Marcia Kennedy 316-371-7226
Annie Kiermaier 207-975-7053
Ryoungki Kim
Elizabeth Konrath 402-216-6155
Nicole Krasner 410-430-9994
Elizabeth Krotser 815-893-9484
Lauren Labeth 405-928-1891
Ritamaria Laird 773-270-0469
Rose LaPiere 732-415-0875
Jeffrey Laponsie 269-615-7637
Teresa Lear 703-913-8563
Katherine Leath 817-999-6410
Jason Ledlie 512-621-9684
Jennifer Lefebre
Risa Lehre 575-758-3913
Dafna Lender 847-256-7334
Elaine Leslie 815-965-6745
Allison Levine 847-800-7684
Lizet López-Longoria
Lori Losen 570-337-3081
Anita Martin 501-246-7121
Colleen Martinez 973-477-4790
Brenda Marwede 847-508-3130
John Mascaro 808-226-7576
Danielle Maxon 828-515-4680
Jessica Mertz 701-809-5370
Kristi Miller 605-334-2696
Sheri Mitschelen 703-380-9045
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