If you’re undecided about whether to take Theraplay® Training, perhaps reading the comments of your colleagues on recent evaluation forms may persuade you to take the plunge!

It was a thrilling experience. I feel very confident and comfortable in using Theraplay modality at my work. I was hesitant to get the training due to high price, but after seeing/participating in this structured workshop, I feel it is worth much more than I paid. I just want to thank you for giving me this great privilege to learn this new approach to helping my kids."
I have really enjoyed the course. I feel inspired to begin my own career as a Theraplay practitioner. I have learned so much about myself as well as Theraplay. Wonderful organization, teaching skills and handouts made the experience really positive."

I really liked the videos of your wonderful work with these kids and families."
This was an exceptionally well-planned and executed workshop. You (trainers) were not only knowledgeable, but current. I was especially impressed with your current brain information. Thank you."

I think I have learned life-changing stuff!"

Very nice balance of classroom activities and role-plays. Role plays really help reduce anxiety of student. Thank you—I’ll be back for more!"
Great training! Appreciate your (trainers) enthusiasm and passion for teaching others about Theraplay. Thanks for all of your efforts! Enjoyed the training so much!"
Wonderful! Thank you."

I Well-planned, interesting and thoughtful."

Well done, hands-on, experiential workshop."