Theraplay Groups in the Classroom

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I have been using Theraplay Groups in special education classrooms for three years. One of the wonderful and unexpected results that I see is the blossoming of quiet, withdrawn children. I think the fact that we “stick together” and make sure that they get the time and support they need to participate really builds their confidence and brings them out of their shell." Charlotte Amberger, School Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan


I am using groups in a school on a reservation in Colorado for ages 18 months to sixth grade. The outcomes I observe and that the teachers share are better self-regulation and impulse control; more positive affect; increased frustration tolerance; enhanced problem-solving abilities; increase in cooperation, empathy towards others and helpfulness; increased ability to participate appropriately in classroom activities; less bullying; enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem; more positive relationships with other students. We have fewer referrals for behavior than before we used Group Theraplay. I have found Theraplay to be extremely effective for promoting a student’s success.” Cheryl Yowell, MSW, Durango, Colorado