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Disclaimer: This directory includes individuals with various levels of Theraplay training but have at least completed Level One Theraplay training. Those that are in the practicum or have been certified at any level (Foundational, Intermediate or Fully Certified) have received professional supervision of their Theraplay work. Those that have completed Level One training but have not been certified at any level we cannot guarantee best Theraplay practice as the quality of their work is unknown


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Name Phone
Andrea Abbott 727-798-7873
Michelle Abellera-Wright 612-207-2148
Rachael Acree 317-545-5281 x235
Kelly Barina 214-578-3264
Patti Baris 561-715-9873
Lee Bascom 314-991-9058
Liliana Baylon 720-272-5564
Brendan Bell 630-480-4118
Laura Benedict 716-859-5454
Jennifer Benson 707-880-8622
Alexandra Berttucci 314-379-9905
Ally Berttucci 630-797-9872 x704
Laura Bilz 606-875-4636
Suzanne Bonaventura 219-663-6353
Kristen Borgmeyer 314-606-7224
Romina Borsani 973-842-4666
Phyllis Booth 847-256-7334
Ilene Bosscher 502-552-7319
Dana Bowling 812-348-6257
Shannon Branic 317-545-5281 x358
Alecia Brantingham 317-363-6335
Al Fuquan Brooks 773-234-2571
Emily M. Brown 812-523-0386
Karen Buckwalter 888-242-3625
Susan Bundy-Myrow 716-675-6702
Sam Bunnyfield 872-802-1433
Andrea Bushala 847-256-7334
Christa Campbell 479-310-0755
Jeannie Campbell 707-444-8293
Liz Morey Campbell 717-422-6440
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