Dr. Douglas Goldsmith, Ph.D. prominent attachment/trauma researcher, Endorses Theraplay for the treatment of Complex Trauma.

Dr Douglas Goldsmith, editor of Attachment Theory in Clinical Work with Children: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice, is currently conducting research on the efficacy of Theraplay on children with complex trauma.  He writes: “As a partner of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network I am committed to helping us determine a best practice format for treating complex trauma in preschool age children.  It has become evident in our practice that children need to experience nurturing relationships in order to gain skills in emotion regulation that will facilitate their ability to participate fully in some of the evidence based trauma practices.    Most of the parent-child relationships are so impaired that the children need to gain the confidence to engage in a caring relationship within the safe confines of group treatment.  We believe that, moving forward, we will be able to demonstrate that Theraplay lays a critically needed foundation in the parent-child relationship for the child to fully benefit from more trauma focused interventions.  However, I would also argue that the basis of resolution of trauma is not in the trauma narrative.  Rather it is based on a caring, nurturing, trusting parent child relationship.  For it is through this secure attachment that children learn to regulate their emotions and re-discover their ability to explore their world with confidence and joy.  Based on this argument, I believe, we will be able to show that Theraplay is indeed a trauma treatment.”

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