Submit Your Video

It’s easy and free to submit your videos to The Theraplay Institute for on-line supervision! Simply fill in your information including your email, first and last name, select your supervisor in the recipient dropdown box, click "Choose File" to select the file you would like to send and click "Upload Files). If the file has successfully uploaded you will see a confirmation. If not, please see the trouble-shooting tips below. 

If your supervisor is not on the list or you are submitting one of the following videos, please select Robin Shannon, Practicum Manager as the "Recipient" and specify the type of video you are submitting in "Notes":

  • Practicum Application video
  • Midterm
  • Final
  • Cohort video
  • Web Group Supervision video
  • If you do not have an assigned supervisor


Problems You Might Encounter & General Troubleshooting

Help! I think my video is too big!

Sometimes your file may be really big! Sharefile caps out at 2 GB. Since we often work with videos of clients for supervision, practicum and research—you will likely encounter some issues with large files. 

So how big is 2 GB of files in terms of video? Well if you work on an HD (1080i) camcorder, it can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours of video time. It depends on the quality of video you choose to record during the session. Zipping your file before sending is a great step to take (you can usually do this by right-clicking, then selecting zip in the dropdown options) before you upload your video to Sharefile. This will “compress” the file and make it much easier to send.

If zipping your file does not work, another option could be converting the video file to a smaller file type such as MP4 or FLV. We recommend free file conversion software Freemake Video Converter for PC users and Mac Converter Free Editionfor Mac users, they are both user-friendly.

This is the MOST COMMON error and situation we deal with at Theraplay, so take some time to consider how you record sessions and if their purposes are for web review, or actual DVD, high quality output. 

I went to use Sharefile and it just stopped uploading… 

Since many of us work on wireless platforms in shared offices, even a glitch or stall in the wireless network can stall or stop progress of your transfer. If you can, always use a computer with a wired connection. If not, ensure your network is at 1.0Mbps. 

Another trick is the digital equivalent of “plug/unplug”. Try emptying the cache in your browser. A browser is the tool you use to surf the internet. Some people like Safari, some like Firefox, I like Chrome. Browsers are not typically an issue for Highpoint. 

I am still stuck and none of this makes sense to me. 

That is what we are here for. You can reach out to Robin Shannon, Practicum Manager at When you do, simply place “Sharefile” in the subject line. We can work through your upload together and determine best practices for continuing to share information together.