International Affiliates

The Theraplay Institute is responsible for setting quality standards for Theraplay treatment, training and supervision for practitioners around the world.* All Theraplay students must submit and pass their mid-term and final examinations using a Theraplay Institute supervisor, and all certificates are issued from The Theraplay Institute.

As the number of highly-experienced Theraplay practitioners increases in a country, there is a process for organizing locally. The first step is to form an Alliance with a charter issued by The Theraplay Institute and a board of directors composed of highly skilled Theraplay practitioners, at least one of whom is also a Supervisor and Trainer. The Alliance is responsible for organizing all training and supervision with our oversight and for maintaining certification records within their country. The Alliance may create a Theraplay website for their country, and organize local conferences and networking meetings.

The Theraplay Institute has chartered The Alliance for Theraplay in South Korea and the Japan Theraplay Alliance. Only training and supervision officially endorsed by The Theraplay Institute and The Alliance can count toward Theraplay certification. The Alliance also makes recommendations for the Theraplay Supervisor and Trainer practicum. Students should still submit their practicum applications to The Theraplay Institute as well as to The Alliance.

When the number of certified Trainers and Supervisors in a country makes it possible for them to sustain their own program, The Theraplay Institute may issue a franchise which allows the organization of an Affiliate. Affiliates may run their own training and supervision programs with annual reports to The Theraplay Institute and an on-site inspection every five years. All mid-terms and finals are still submitted to The Theraplay Institute, but practicum applications are submitted directly to the Affiliate.

The Theraplay Institute has charted The Finnish Theraplay Association as our official franchise in Finland.

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*The exception is in German-speaking European countries. Ulrike Franke registered Theraplay in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1995. The German Theraplay Institute retains right to set Theraplay standards and ownership of the Theraplay service mark in these countries. The Theraplay Institute does not issue certificates in these countries, with the exception The Netherlands.



International Affiliates