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The Ann M. Jernberg Award recognizes sustained and significant contributions to Theraplay clinical practice, training, research, charitable projects/service, applications, publications and/or increasing awareness. 

2018 Ann M. Jernberg Award Winner:

SiuAAngela Siu, PhD, RCP

Angela is our first certified Theraplay Practitioner, trainer and supervisor in Hong Kong, She studied Theraplay with Dr. Evangeline Munns when she was working in Canada. Through training and supervision, she has brought young therapists into the Theraplay family and made films of their lovely Group work. Perhaps her largest contribution to Theraplay is that her published research is what qualified us to be accepted by SAMHSA for the National Register of Evidence-Based Practice. Her two published articles are:

Theraplay® in the Chinese world: An intervention program for Hong Kong children with internalizing problems. International Journal of Play Therapy (2009). A primary objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Theraplay on reducing internalizing problems among children. Described as at-risk for developing internalizing disorders, 46 children in grades 2-4 were randomly allocated to either the Theraplay condition (weekly Group Theraplay for 8 weeks) or the wait-list control condition. A standardized measure of internalizing symptoms (CBCL) was completed before and after the 8-week period. Results showed that children from the Theraplay condition showed significantly fewer internalizing symptoms when compared to the wait-list group. Qualitative feedback from mothers and children were also collected to understand the experience of Theraplay activities on the participants

Effectiveness of Group Theraplay® on enhancing social skills among children with developmental disabilities, International Journal of Play Therapy (2014). This study reports on a Group Theraplay program in a special school for children with developmental disabilities. Twenty-three students, arranged into four groups, participated in the year long program that used Theraplay principles to enhance their social development. Results were compared with a group of 15 students who served as the comparison control. Data from the Social Responsiveness Scale showed that students from the Theraplay group had significant improvement in the subscale of "social communication" when compared with the comparison control group.  Qualitative feedback from teachers showed that teachers gained insight into the content and how to design activities that would enhance the students’ social-emotional development taken from an attachment-based play therapy model.

Angela co-edited and contributed two chapters on the book titled Play Therapy in Asia that is published in 2017She  also has a chapter on Theraplay in Courtney & Nolan’s book on Touch in Child Counseling and Play Therapy: An ethical and clinical guide, published in 2017, as well as a chapter in Munns’ book on Applications of Family and Group Theraplay published in 2009.

Dr. Siu will be presented the award at the 2020 International Theraplay Conference in Evanston, IL, USA

Selection Committee:

Phyllis Booth, MA, LCPC, LMFT, RPT-S Theraplay Co-Founder, Trainer/Supervisor 
Sandra Lindaman, LISW-CP, Senior Training Advisor, Trainer/Supervisor 
Evangeline Munns, PhD, C Psych, RPT-S Theraplay Trainer/Supervisor
Mary Ring, MAMFC, MARE, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S, Theraplay Trainer/Supervisor
Catherine Tucker, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S Research Director

Past Award Winners:

2011   David Myrow, Ph.D.,
           Susan Bundy-Myrow, Ph.D.,
           Certified Theraplay Trainer/Supervisors

2009   Gayle L. Christensen
           Executive Director, The Theraplay Institute

2008   The Finnish Theraplay Association, Founding Members
           Jukka Mäkelä, M.D.
           Lotta Lassenius-Panula, M.D.
           Ilona Vierikko, R.N.
           Sinikka Savola

2007   Terrence Koller, Ph.D.

2006   Phyllis Rubin, CCC-SLP, PsyD
           Certified Theraplay Trainer/Supervisor

2005   Charles R. (Chuck) West, M.S.

2004   Sandra Lindaman, MA, MSW, LSW
           Certified Theraplay Trainer/Supervisor

2003   Phyllis B. Booth, MA, LCPC, LMFT, RPT-S
           Certified Theraplay Trainer/Supervisor

Jernberg Award