Theraplay Certification Renewal Fee

You are NOT required to submit documents if you are only submitting payment. Documents only need to be uploaded if changes have been made.

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Join or renew your membership to keep your certification active while also enjoying the same benefits as a member of The Theraplay Association! View renewal declaration. 

Foundational certification fee option is only for practicum students that have completed 8 supervised Theraplay session (32 unsupervised) and have received their Foundational certification with the recommendation of their Theraplay supervisor.

Intermediate certification fee option is only for practicum students that have completed practicum requirements and have received their Intermediate certification with the recommendation of their Theraplay supervisor but have not yet reached full certification.

Certified Fee option is only for fully certified practitioner that have completed practicum requirements,  passed their Theraplay final and have received their full Theraplay Practitioner or Therapist certification.

In addition to the benefits outlined below, members receive special sales offers, early notice about training opportunities and new products, and more.

Benefits of Renewing

  • Your certification will remain in good standing
  • Free online directory listing
  • You will receive the same benefits as Theraplay Association Members including:
    • $50 discount on training (*only applicable in the US)
    • 10% discount on TTI media orders
    • Two newsletters per year
    • Special members-only offers
    • Theraplay tote-bag for new members (*only applicable in the US)


By registering to pay your annual dues, you are indicating that you agree to the following statements:

      1. I am in compliance and will abide by Theraplay Service Mark guidelines found here:
      2. I do not have a criminal record that may prejudice the interests of children and families
      3. I have not been dismissed from employment on the grounds of professional misconduct or lack of competence
      4. Since my last registration there has been no change relating to my good character (this includes any conviction or caution, if any, that you are required to disclose), or any change to my health or mental health that may affect my ability to practice safely and effectively.
      5. I have not been refused membership of a professional body in a related field on the grounds of professional misconduct or lack of competence.
      6. I will keep The Theraplay Institute informed of any changes to my circumstances, either professionally or in relation to my personal character (including any conviction or caution that you are required to disclose).
      7. I am covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance either personally or by my employer’s policies.

Per the member declaration above, if there have been any updates or changes, please upload the most recent copies of your resume/CV, professional license and proof of liability insurance.

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