Supervision: DYAD Option

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Price: $1100

Reach Foundational certification level at a reduced cost requiring less case presentations and with the support of one of your peers in our dyad option!

 If you have already completed the Level One Theraplay & MIM training you can still take part in our dyad supervision by purchasing this option and earn a Foundational Theraplay Practitioner certificate by completing 12, one-hour intensive supervision meetings with your dyad of two. You will present six of your own cases and participate in discussion of six others. Your highly experienced Theraplay Supervisor will give you practical suggestions and specific recommendations for the work you are doing with real clients. For more information email our Practicum Manager, Robin Shannon at 847-256-7334 ext 106.

Note: Upon starting the practicum, all fees paid are non-refundable.  If no supervision has yet been completed, you may be eligible for refund but subject to a non-refundable $200 processing fee. For assistance with refunds please contact the Practicum manager at