Level One Theraplay & MIM (July 28-31, 2020) Ainslie, Australia

Trainers: Alison Saxton & Amy-Lee Seward

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Ainslie, Australia (July 28-31, 2020)

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Special Features of this training:

  • Using video, we feature demonstration of treatment of a real client family including the MIM assessment, feedback to the parents and several Theraplay sessions
  • The training is interactive, intense and practical—you’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to begin using Theraplay in your work
  • It features video of Theraplay treatment with many different clients in addition to the demonstration family
  • The training includes interactive sessions to practice a variety of Theraplay activities
  • The training concludes with the creation of a treatment plan for one of your own clients and a chance to practice it for feedback

Program Content:

  • Principles of attachment theory on an intellectual and experiential level
  • The Four Dimensions of Theraplay  
  • The Theraplay protocol
  • An introduction to the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM): administration, analysis and as a guide for treatment planning
  • Adapting Theraplay for working with children and families impacted by complex trauma and other populations
  • Managing resistance throughout the treatment process
  • Managing countertransference in your work  with children and families
  • Implementing Theraplay into your practice

Learning Objectives for Level One Theraplay & MIM:

  • Identify three play, attachment-based theories and how they support the work of Theraplay
  • Explain the benefits of using the MIM in your play therapy practice
  • Administer the MIM and analyze it at a beginning level to benefit families in play therapy
  • Utilize the MIM as a guide for treatment planning in play therapy
  • List three play therapy goals to be acheived during a MIM feedback session with parents
  • Describe the four dimensions of Theraplay, a modality of play therapy
  • Demonstrate one play-based activity from each dimension: Structure, Engagement, Nurture, and Challenge
  • Describe three possible ways of adapting Theraplay into play therapy treatment to meet the needs of a child with complex trauma
  • Describe how to guide parents to participate in Theraplay, a modality of play therapy, in a treatment session
  • Prepare parents to use Theraplay play therapy techniques at home to further therapeutic goals
  • Demonstrate adapting Theraplay play therapy techniques to three different populations of families
  • Apply Theraplay techniques to work through resistance in play therapy sessions

Level One training prepares participants to begin using Theraplay Informed Practice in their work.  We recommend beginning with an easier case to get practice and confidence before trying to work with complex families or trauma.  Professional development opportunities to improve Theraplay skills are available, including Level Two training with its modular options.

Trainings outside of the U.S. may have different daily schedule.

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