Theraplay: Helping Parents and Children Build Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play, Third Edition


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Since the second edition was published in 1999, there have been major developments and changes in the theory and practice of Theraplay. This book provides a comprehensive update and revision of a classic resource for treating children and families struggling with a wide variety of problems. The book includes new research on attachment, childhood trauma, autism, among others, and explains how new advancements in neuroscience have informed and advanced Theraplay best practice. The book also contains new techniques for dealing with dysfunctional families, family disruptions, older adopted children, parental cooperation, and parental mental health. Highlights include:

  • The theory and research that inform the core concepts of Theraplay
  • Working with families with adopted or foster children
  • Focusing on attunement and regulation
  • Increasing parental involvement in treatment
  • Redefining structure and resistance
  • Treating complex trauma

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