Adrian Hanna


Adrian is a Registered Art Therapist and Level One Theraplay trained therapist. She is working toward her Theraplay certification. She graduated from Adler University and has a Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling. Adrian has been working with children as a trauma informed therapist since 2019. Adrian’s work ranges with a wide group of ages from 2 to 18 years old. Most of the areas addressed with the children have been anything from complex trauma, to basic coping strategies, and more severe mental health issues and disability work. Current work involves adoptive families as well as blended families stemming from a large array of backgrounds and cultures. In her work with children across the south and west side of Chicago, she has built a deeper understanding of how culture, environment, access to resources, and basic needs affect a child’s ability to thrive and live a healthy life. Her work strives to bridge gaps between communities and find ways to collectively heal and thrive. Utilizing art has been one of the greatest tools she can provide a client to process their own experiences and hopefully gain new ones. It allows people to communicate when words are unavailable which is what play does as well. She continues to use play and art to create a new language for children and families to process and move forward.

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