Phyllis B. Rubin


a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed speech-language pathologist, and Certified Theraplay┬« Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor, is in private practice in Oak Park, Illinois. She co-authored Play With Them: Theraplay Groups in the Classroom. Phyllis has written chapters on Theraplay and on Theraplay and DDP in Theraplay: Innovations in attachment-based therapy by Munns, Creating Capacity for Attachment by Becker-Weidman and Shell, and Applications of Family and Group Theraplay by Munns. Phyllis has led Theraplay and Group Theraplay trainings across the U.S., Europe and Australia, and has presented at numerous conferences. She is working on a new book about Group Theraplay, co-authored by Marlo Winstead.  Phyllis served as president and member of The Theraplay Institute board of directors for 25 years.

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