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Treating Trauma: Integrating Theraplay and Brainspotting for Trauma and Play Therapists


In this training we will discuss the benefits and particulars of working with Theraplay and Brainspotting, as merging the two modalities can complement each other when working with families who have experienced trauma. In this training we will talk about co-regulation, uncertainty, mentalization, attunement, and how these are important in trauma work. We will do this through the use of case examples and theoretical discussion; this workshop will examine the two modalities, their capacity to be utilized in treatment together, and how to integrate the two.

$216 – $240

All Behavior Makes Sense: Play Therapy with Kids with Vulnerable Nervous Systems

Attendees will learn a playful paradigm that will decode even the most confusing behaviors in children, as well as in parents and even ourselves. When children learn how their challenging behaviors are the heroic ways their watchdog and possum brains are working hard to keep them safe, they can develop the inner felt safety to connect with and soothe these overworked and confused parts of self. Playfully connecting to our client’s inner communities decreases shame and increases integration, ultimately decreasing challenging behaviors.  

$162 – $180

Introduction to Safe and Sound Protocol with Music, Play and Theraplay

This special program will provide an introduction to the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). The safe and sound protocol is based on research over two decades by Stephen Porges. My Unyte-iLs provides training and support. This workshop will give you the information needed to take those next steps to becoming a provider.

$108 – $120

EMDR Therapy and Theraplay: Healing Complex Trauma & Attachment Wounds

This training will address the benefits and intricacies of using EMDR therapy and Theraplay, as these two powerful approaches can complement and benefit each other in the treatment of highly traumatized children. It will highlight case conceptualization and the framework in which two approaches can co-exist while honoring the heart of each. Participants will learn when and how to best integrate these two treatment models in order to give voice to both the right and left brain.

$162 – $180

A Neuro-Sequential Approach to Theraplay

CEs Available: 3     |     One Day Training      |     Virtual This workshop will focus on Family Futures’ unique neuro-sequential approach to Theraplay and the evidence-based Neuro-Physiological  […]

Using NMT Principles in Theraplay Practice

CEs Available: 12     |     Two Day Training      |     Virtual This course will describe Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) principals and explore the use of them […]

$324 – $360

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