School-Focused Consultations

The Theraplay Institute offers School-Focused Consultations for families who are seeking guidance in navigating the school environment to best support their child’s learning experience and success.  

School-Focused Consultation services are available as a standalone service or in addition to ongoing therapy services at The Theraplay Institute.  

Our School Consultant can help parents: 

  • Determine how to work with their child's school if there are any academic, behavioral, or social/emotional concerns.
  • Learn what supports and resources might be available and appropriate for their child.
  • Understand the various learning strategies that are used in a typical classroom.
  • Develop an understanding of terms they might hear such as Individual Education Plans, Special Education and Section 504 Plans. 
  • Determine what to do if their child has a diagnosis that affects them in the school environment. 

The Theraplay Institute’s School Consultant, Lynn Denton, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive background in the school environment.  Lynn has worked with elementary school to high school aged children with a variety of challenges including anxiety, ADHD, executive functioning, social skills, and coping skills.  With a passion for helping children have a successful academic and social school experience and an in-depth knowledge of the supports and resources available in schools, Lynn helps children and families uncover their strengths to support their goals.  

To learn more about School-Focused Consultations and to make an appointment, please contact our Clinic Manager Anna Grinshpun at or at 847.256.7334 ext. 130. 


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