Bilingual Theraplay Module Series

Content Level: Intermediate     |     Cost: $1,494.00 – $1,660.00       |     CEs: 36

In partnership with Glenda Z. Villamarín, The Theraply Institute presents the Bilingual Theraplay Module Series. Take advantage of this opportunity to complete the Module Series with a bilingual trainer, Glenda Z. Villamarín, MA, LCP, and cohort. You will leave not only with the knowledge required to implement Theraplay into you practice, but with a community of like-minded individuals. Registration includes all six modules. Cultural Competency CEs are available.

Why should someone enroll in this particular set of modules?

This set of Theraplay training modules is tailored for clinicians who are bilingual (Spanish/English).  It promises to be a rich cultural experience that will allow you to connect with others and expand your understanding of both Spanish and English terms and concepts related to Theraplay play therapy, attachment, and trauma.  Throughout the modules, the speaker and participants will be free to flow from Spanish to English to Spanglish and will build their knowledge of cultural factors which impact Theraplay work.

Esta serie de módulos de entrenamiento en Theraplay está diseñada para clínicos bilingües (español/inglés).  Ofrece una rica experiencia cultural que les permitirá conectar con otros y ampliar su comprensión de los términos y conceptos, tanto en español como en inglés, relacionados con la terapia de juego Theraplay, el apego y el trauma.  A lo largo de los módulos, la ponente y los participantes serán libres de fluir del Español al Inglés y al Spanglish y desarrollarán la comprensión de los factores culturales que impactan en el trabajo con Theraplay.


Glenda Z. Villamarín, MA, LCP is from Ecuador (South America). She has a Phase I certification for NMT from the Child Trauma Academy, and in currently studying Phase II. She is certified from in the Infant-Parent Mental Health Program (IPMHP) at University of Massachusetts –Boston (2018 – 2019). She is a Certified Theraplay Therapist, supervisor and Trainer.


Each module is delivered live over Zoom and together cover all the materials included in our traditional 4-day Level 1 Theraplay & MIM Training. Module 6 has two parts – one day delivered virtually and one day in-person (at the Theraplay Institute in Chicago, IL). Each training includes real case videos, discussions, activities, and live question and answer sessions throughout. Click through for more detailed information about each module.

Full Schedule

Module 1: January 12-13, 2023 | 9am-12:15pm
Module 2: February 9, 2023 | 9am-2:30pm
Module 3: March 9, 2023 | 9am-3pm
Module 4: April 13, 2023 | 9am-1:15pm
Module 5: May 11, 2023 | 9am-4:00pm
Module 6a: June 8, 2023 | 9am-1:30pm
Module 6b: June 23, 2023 | 9am-4pm (In-person day)

Module 1: Theraplay Theory and Concepts

January 12-13, 2023 | 9am-12:15pm

Module 1 provides an overview of the leading theories in mental health today and how they apply to and support Theraplay specifically. Learn how attachments are formed, what contributes to building healthy attachment and what experiences challenge attachment. Explains how a child’s Inner Working Model is developed and how that IWM informs all future relationships. Provides an overview of each dimension of Theraplay, including how Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge are defined and used in providing mental health support to families

Agenda    |    Learning Objectives    |    Bibliography     |     CEs Available: 6 

Module 2: Trauma, Shame, and Resiliency in Theraplay

February 9, 2023 | 9am-2:30pm

This module provides an overview of the leading types of trauma that children and their families may be exposed to. It also provides an overview of the unique effects each type of trauma may have on a child’s behavior and development. It illustrates how shame develops, is reinforced, and how children whose shame response is triggered require a unique attachment-focused intervention to move beyond it. It provides an overview of trauma prevention, resiliency, and protective factors that must be considered when developing interventions for families affected by trauma and outlines how trauma affects Theraplay treatment. Finally, it describes how trauma-informed Theraplay works with children and families in the Foster Care system.

Agenda    |    Learning Objectives    |    Bibliography     |     CEs Available: 5 

Module 3: Marschak Interaction Method: Administration, Scoring, and Feedback for Theraplay Practice

March 9, 2023 | 9am-3pm

Using video, this module features demonstration of treatment of a real client family including the MIM assessment and feedback to the parents. The training is interactive, intense, and practical—you will leave with the knowledge and skills to begin implementing MIM assessments in your play therapy treatment. It features video of Theraplay treatment with clients of different ages and constellations. The training includes interactive sessions to practice a variety of Theraplay activities. The training concludes with practicing how to give feedback to parents

Agenda    |    Learning Objectives    |    Bibliography     |     CEs Available: 5.5 

Module 4: Working with Parents in Theraplay Treatment

April 13, 2023 | 9am-1:15pm

Using video, trainers demonstrate treatment of a real client families. The training is interactive, intense and practical—trainees will leave with the knowledge and skills to begin work with parents using play therapy to address complex family system issues. It features video of Theraplay treatment with many different clients in addition to the demonstration family. The training includes interactive sessions to practice a variety of way to support parents in the therapeutic process. The training concludes role play as parents, as well as practitioners, to provide an embodied experience of the theoretical learning. Trainees will see how to adapt Theraplay for video therapy, focusing on the important role that parents play as the cofacilitator of the therapeutic process.

Agenda    |    Learning Objectives    |    Bibliography     |     CEs Available: 4 

Module 5: Treatment Planning in Theraplay

May 11, 2023 | 9am-4:00pm

This training builds upon content learned in the MIM Module to help clinicians learn to adapt what is learned in the MIM into treatment goals. It outlines how to examine behaviors through the lens of sensory and regulation needs. This training explains the relationship between the eight senses and regulation states, provides an overview of the phases of treatment, and explains how to work through resistance. It features videos of Theraplay treatment with several different clients, in addition to the demonstration family which will be examined in greater detail.

Agenda    |    Learning Objectives    |    Bibliography     |     CEs Available: 6 

Module 6: Theraplay Application and Role Play

Module 6a: June 8, 2023 | 9am-1:30pm  Module 6b: June 23, 2023 | 9am-4pm 

This training provides an overview of why Theraplay telehealth can be a powerful intervention for families. This training provides an extensive experience and application of the theory presented in previous models including how to deliver activities that support:

  • Structure and the creation of felt safety
  • Engagement and using the power of co-regulation to optimize a child’s functioning in relationship
  • Nurture and meeting the need for physical comfort and connection
  • Challenge and the ability to support growth and resilience

The training provides explicit direction and practice on how to provide support to the parent within the limitations traditionally faced with remote work. It outlines how to identify when Theraplay Telehealth is not clinically indicated as an appropriate intervention and provides direction on what a practitioner should do when met with resistance, dysregulation, and other concerning behavior remotely and in-person.

Agenda    |    Learning Objectives    |    Bibliography     |     CEs Available: 9.5 

Am I able to register for individual modules in this series?

No. This module series is intended to have the same cohort for the duration of the modules, so registrations will be for the full series and registrants won’t be permitted to join part of the way through.


Can I purchase CEs for individual modules?

Yes, if you’re interested in doing so please contact Registrar Erin Hellweg at [email protected]


Will the training sessions be taught primarily in English or Spanish?

The content will be taught primarily in Spanish, but that group conversation will be welcome in whichever of the two languages is most comfortable for the participants.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend, refunds will be granted for cancellations made at least 21 days prior to the training and transfers to the standard module series will be available if The Theraplay Institute office at [email protected] is notified at least 72 hours prior to the start of the program.


May I view a recording of the training instead of attending it live?

The training will not be recorded. You must be in attendance for the entire module in order to qualify for continuing education and in order to be approved to progress to the next module.


Are Level One Theraplay & MIM and Theraplay Modules the same?

No. The Theraplay Modules are a sequential learning program that provide a robust foundation for being able to begin implementing Theraplay-based interventions into your work. They are more extensive than attending a Level One Theraplay & MIM training. However, both of these programs will provide the same foundational coursework you need to start incorporating Theraplay-based interventions into your work and in order to enter the practicum.  

Theraplay Module 1 is NOT the same as Level One Theraplay & MIM training.


How will content differ from the standard module series?

While there won’t be a drastic change, themes of immigration, privilege, immigration, and cultural adaptations will be integrated throughout the series.


What are the topics of the Theraplay Modules?
  1. Theraplay Theory and Concepts
  2. Trauma, Shame, and Resiliency in Theraplay
  3. Marschak Interaction Method Administration, Scoring, and Feedback
  4. Incorporating Parents into Theraplay Intervention
  5. Theraplay Treatment Planning
  6. Part A: Theraplay Implementation: Telehealth
    Part B: Theraplay Implementation: In-Person


Will all of the Theraplay Modules be delivered virtually?

Yes, with the exception of Module 6: Part B: Theraplay Implementation: In-Person. This module will have an in-person experiential play requirement taking place at the TTI offices in Chicago.


Are continuing education credits available for the Theraplay Modules?

CEs are available for an additional fee.


Is this training open to international registrants?

No, as the in-person Module 6b is taking place in Chicago and we are only able to provide CEs for those licensed in the United States the series is currently only open to domestic registrants.


What if I don’t like the modular form of attending training?  Can I switch into Level One Theraplay & MIM training?

Yes. However, you would not be able to skip any part of Level One Theraplay & MIM training, as the courses are not designed to deliver content in the same order. You would still need to complete the entirety of Level One Theraplay & MIM training. For the same reason, you may not complete half of your training through Modular format and through in-person Level One Theraplay & MIM training.

Due to the price difference between this series bundle and the standard module program registrations, your remaining credit will be prorated if you transfer to the latter.


Can I attend the series if I’ve already attended a Level One Theraplay & MIM training and would like to review the content?

Participants who have completed a Level One Theraplay & MIM program may register to attend the module series. Please note that as a previous Level One attendee CEs may not be available for a module. We recommend directing any inquiries regarding CE approval to your accrediting organization for verification prior to adding this option to your registration. You may add CEs to your registration up until the business day prior to the start of the program by contacting TTI.

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Additional Information

Who Should Attend?

People who work with children and families in many different capacities will benefit from training programs offered by The Theraplay Institute. Visit our Who Should Attend page for more information. This course’s Content Level is Intermediate.


For information about our CE process, cancellation policy, and how to contact us with questions and concerns visit our FAQ page.

There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.

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