Summer Learning Institute

We were as disappointed as you about having to cancel the 2020 International Theraplay Conference. While it is not the same as seeing as all our Theraplay friends in person, we hope that a couple weeks of webinars will keep you excited about how Theraplay has evolved in the past 50(ish) years!


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Interested in attending all the remaining programs available this month? You still can! The bundle discount has been reduced to $400* and includes access to the recording of The Lives that Created Theraplay program held on July 13!

*an additional $50 will be added if you require CEs
*CEs only available for those licensed in the US

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Individual Webinars

Register for as many of the Summer Learning Institute courses (or all of them) as you’d like here or through our events calendar!*

Our Summer Learning Institute courses include:

July 13 – The Lives That Created Theraplay Presented by Phyllis Booth and Emily Jernberg

July 14 – Nurture and Play: A Play Therapy Curriculum for Supporting Caregivers and Young Children

July 15 & 16 – By Your Side: A Therapeutic Approach to Transitioning Foster Youth Using Play Therapy

July 17 – Theraplay as a Useful Play Therapy Approach when Working with Child Sexual Abuse

July 22 – Strengthen your Theraplay Assessment and Play Therapy Skills Through the Use of Polyvagal Theory Concepts

July 23 – A Discussion with Bessel van der Kolk

July 28 & 29 – Intersecting Trauma Treatments: Combining EMDR Therapy & Theraplay for Play Therapists

July 30 – Using Group Theraplay as a Play Therapy Bridge for Fragile Families: An Application in Homeless Services

July 31 – Virtual Theraplay 50th Anniversary Party

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