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Theraplay has been a gift on a professional and personal level, a way to understand ourselves, children and their families from a more positive and hopeful perspective, being able to offer parents the chance to meet and enjoy their children again."

–Cata Grez (Practicum Student of the Month)

Meet Practicum Student of the Month: Cata Grez

cata som

I am the mother of a beautiful girl and I come from a big and joyful family of seven brothers and sisters. Play has always been an important part of my life, where we enjoy being together.

I have always been attracted to children and their ability to play at all  times, to enjoy and brighten up the day. This motivated me to study psychology and specialize in childhood. When I found Theraplay in the middle of my professional education, it immediately made sense to me, not only as a therapeutic approach but also as a way to enjoy, share and rethink childhood and parenthood, from a welcome and positive place.

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The Theraplay Supervision Experience

glenda cert croppedIt is said that learning starts with supervision.  Participants in our supervision practicum receive top-quality professional feedback to apply their book learning and classroom training to real life clients.  Theraplay supervision will develop your skills and build your confidence to deal with your most difficult cases.  It will help you feel more comfortable working with parents and with the types of clients that may not have responded to the treatment approaches you have previously used.

Your new Theraplay skills and web directory listing can help build your reputation and your practice as well as provide the best treatment services to your clients. Please see our service mark guidelines.


We recommend Level One Trainees pursue Foundational Certification for minimum best practice.
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Theraplay Group Supervision

At each meeting, a group member shows a video presentation of a Theraplay session. Supervision is provided by Theraplay Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor Donna Gates, LCPC. The meetings are filled with rich, clinical, collaborative discussion and are a great way to increase your Theraplay skills or begin working towards Theraplay Certification. Meetings are typically on the first and third Thursday of the month at 9:30-10:45AM at The Theraplay Institute, 1840 Oak Avenue, Suite 320, Evanston, IL 60201. All mental health professionals who attend must have completed at least the Level One Theraplay & MIM training.  

Fees: $25 to observe, $100 to present a session (1 credit toward certification)

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In an effort to better regulate the use of Theraplay globally and clarify the scope of the credential of individuals that are fully certified to do Theraplay, we have determined we will be utilizing the title of  "Certified Theraplay Practitioner" going forward and no longer "Certified Theraplay Therapist."We recognize those that are fully Theraplay certified hold a number of vastly different roles working with children and families and not all are necessary clinical roles. The term "practitioner" better reflects the implications of holding a Theraplay certificate and less confusing than the previous term "therapist." "Certified Theraplay Practitioner" will be reflected on all certificates and paperwork effective immediately. This also applies to "Foundational Theraplay Practitioner" and "Intermediate Theraplay Practitioner" in countries where those levels are relevant.In countries where the Associate track was available, we will also no longer offer the Associate track for those who do not have the credentials to provide clinical services on an independent basis. Those who do not have clinical credentials can still join the practicum and become certified only up to the Foundational level. In the US, for those who have a provisional license such as AMFT and are working toward their clinical license are eligible to join the practicum and continue beyond the Foundational level but will only be able to receive their fully certified Theraplay certificate when they have obtained and submitted their full clinical licensure. Note: Those who are currently in the Associate program will be able to continue and complete their current program. If you have any questions about this update please contact the Practicum Manager at


Our Theraplay Practicum Experience

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Supervision & Certification