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I have no doubt that Theraplay has the potential to change lives, in a world where so many vulnerable people are desperate for that change."

–Becky Higgins (Practicum Student of the Month)

Meet Practicum Student of the Month: Becky Higgins

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I am a drama practitioner and have worked in drama and theatre in education in the U.K. for over 30 years. Originally an actor, I loved working in theatre in education and completed my M.A. in drama in education in 2000. I became fascinated by the offer that drama makes of experiencing the world differently and how this means something very different to people in vulnerable and marginalised postions. This was the subject of my PhD thesis which I completed in 2009, linking creativity to cognitive development. My work with young people developed in the special education sector (currently identified in the U.K. as SEND - special educational needs and disability) and I was offered a role as drama specialist across two primary schools in Northamptonshire. I work with children aged 3-11 with a range of needs, including those on the autistic spectrum and those with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

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The Theraplay Supervision Experience

It is said that learning starts with supervision.  Participants in our supervision practicum receive top-quality professional feedback to apply their book learning and classroom training to real life clients.  Theraplay supervision will develop your skills and build your confidence to deal with your most difficult cases.  It will help you feel more comfortable working with parents and with the types of clients that may not have responded to the treatment approaches you have previously used.

Your new Theraplay skills and web directory listing can help build your reputation and your practice as well as provide the best treatment services to your clients. Please see our service mark guidelines.


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Theraplay Group Supervision

At each meeting, a group member shows a video presentation of a Theraplay session. Supervision is provided by Theraplay Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor Donna Gates, LCPC. The meetings are filled with rich, clinical, collaborative discussion and are a great way to increase your Theraplay skills or begin working towards Theraplay Certification. Meetings are typically on the first and third Thursday of the month at 9:30-10:45AM at The Theraplay Institute, 1840 Oak Avenue, Suite 320, Evanston, IL 60201. All mental health professionals who attend must have completed at least the Level One Theraplay & MIM training.  

Fees: $25 to observe, $100 to present a session (1 credit toward certification)

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Our Theraplay Practicum Experience

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Supervision & Certification