Jo Williams


Dramatherapist, Counsellor, certified Theraplay Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer, Transpersonal and Integrative Supervisor Trainee: working for Northamptonshire County Council as their Therapy Services team manager. Jo has a wealth of experience in a variety of settings, working for 20 years in Adult Mental Health before moving to Children’s services in 2003.

As Therapy Manager she has firmly established Theraplay services in Northamptonshire, especially in a number of Primary Schools settings. Her continuing initiative is to spread the Theraplay knowledge and skill base. She leads numerous learning events and conferences, has devised team building events and supervised the professional development of teams and colleagues. Jo is held in high regard for her enthusiastic style and has been the catalyst for many service departments for Northamptonshire. She supports local professionals and organisations in developing their Theraplay skills base and assists their desire to develop Theraplay as a leading edge practice initiative.

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