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Theraplay® is a registered service mark of The Theraplay Institute. Our mark is registered in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Turkey, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Norway, Israel, Mexico, Chile, and South Korea. A service mark (aka trademark) is a word used by an entity to identify and distinguish its services or goods from the services/goods of others and to indicate the source of those services. Thus, The Theraplay Institute owns the rights to the service mark “Theraplay®” and therefore has the right to control its use. What follows is a description of appropriate ways to use the Theraplay service mark. 

  • After attending the Level One training they can describe what they are doing as based on Theraplay® principles, but cannot say that they are “doing Theraplay” or “conducting Theraplay sessions.” 
  • If they are in the process of the supervision practicum, they can say that they are working toward certification as a Theraplay® Practitioner or Group Specialist.
  • After completing the supervision practicum and all other requirements for Certification, they can call themselves Certified Theraplay® Practitioner or Certified Theraplay® Group Specialist and refer to their practice as Theraplay®.
  • The service mark ® must be used in the phrase “The Theraplay® Institute.”
  • The service mark must be used when writing the titles Foundational, Intermediate, and Certified Theraplay® Practitioner.
  • In a short document, such as a consent form, the service mark must be used throughout. This includes the phrases “Theraplay®-Informed Practice” and “Theraplay®-based principles.”
  • In a long document, such as a supervision form or report, the service mark must be used the first time the word Theraplay® appears, and thereafter Theraplay may be written without the service mark.
  • On a website, the service mark must be used throughout. A link to the US Theraplay® Institute and any country affiliate websites must be included.
  • Any use of the service mark must be accompanied by a footnote or note consisting of the following phrase: “Theraplay® is a registered service mark of The Theraplay Institute, Chicago, IL, USA.”
  • Neither The Theraplay® Institute nor Theraplay® logos may be used without express written consent from The Theraplay® Institute.  This includes on websites, marketing materials, social media, etc.

Once trainees become Certified, they can use the Theraplay® name in written statements about their practice. Reference to Theraplay in written statements in agency brochures, business cards, private practice advertising, websites, social media, and other published material should be followed by the service mark registration notice symbol ® and footnoted with the following phrase: “A registered service mark of The Theraplay® Institute, Chicago, IL, USA.”

The Theraplay Institute also owns the registered service mark, Sunshine Circles® in the United States.

To report an unauthorized use of our service marks, please Contact Us!

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