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The Use of Theraplay®
A Service Mark of The Theraplay Institute

Theraplay® is a registered service mark of The Theraplay Institute. Our mark is registered in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe (except for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), Benelux, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Chile, Cayman Islands, Turkey, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Registration is pending in Ecuador & Costa Rica. A service mark is a word used by an entity to identify and distinguish its services from the services of others and to indicate the source of those services. Thus, The Theraplay Institute owns the rights to the service mark “Theraplay®” and therefore has the right to control its use.

What follows is a list of appropriate ways to use the Theraplay service mark:

  • Any reference to Theraplay, whether describing the activities, training, or theory of the Theraplay model, should include an indication that it is a registered service mark of The Theraplay Institute. This can be accomplished by including the letter R enclosed in a circle, thus ®, next to Theraplay the first time it is used in a document and in the title of any published material. It is not necessary to use the mark every time the word Theraplay is used. However, it should always be used the first time, and in the registration statement below.
  • In addition, the following phrase should be included (as a footnote is permissible): “Theraplay® is a registered service mark of The Theraplay® Institute, Chicago, IL, USA.”
  • Neither The Theraplay® Institute nor Theraplay® logos may be used without express written consent from The Theraplay® Institute. This includes on websites, marketing materials, social media, etc.
  • If given permission to use “The Theraplay® Institute” or Theraplay® logo on a website or other platform, the service mark must be used throughout. A link to The Theraplay® Institute and any country affiliate websites must be included.

We encourage those who attend Theraplay training to use the Theraplay principles and techniques in their own setting. Please abide by the following guidelines when describing your work in verbal, written, or visual formats: 

  • After completing the Level One training or Theraplay Modules 1-6 (where applicable), training participants can describe what they are doing as “based on Theraplay® principles,” but cannot say that they are “doing Theraplay®” or “conducting Theraplay® sessions.”
  • If they are in the process of the supervised practicum, professionals can say that they are working toward certification as a Theraplay® Practitioner or Group Theraplay® Specialist.  If they have completed a level of practicum, they may state that they are a “Foundational Level Theraplay® Practitioner,” “Intermediate Level Theraplay® Practitioner,” or “Foundational Level Theraplay® Group Specialist.”
  • After completing the supervised practicum and all other requirements for Certification, professionals can call themselves “Certified Theraplay® Practitioner” or “Certified Theraplay ®Group Specialist” and refer to their practice as “Theraplay.®”
  • Once professionals earn Certified Theraplay® Practitioner or Certified Theraplay ® Group Specialist status, they can use the Theraplay® name in written statements about their practice. Reference to Theraplay in written statements in agency brochures, business cards, private practice advertising, and other published material should be followed by the service mark registration notice symbol ® and footnoted with the following phrase: “A registered service mark of The Theraplay® Institute, Chicago, IL, USA.”

To report an unauthorized use of our service marks, please Contact Us!

The Use of Theraplay® Logos:
The Theraplay Institute, Theraplay, The Theraplay Clinic, Sunshine Circles, Camp Theraplay

The Theraplay Institute strictly limits the use of its logos, but may make exceptions under special circumstances, such as affiliate partnerships and collaborations promoting our training, certification, publications, and other products.

The Theraplay Institute, Theraplay, Sunshine Circles, The Theraplay Clinic, and Camp Theraplay logos and permitted derivatives may not be used without express written consent of The Theraplay Institute.

Individuals are not permitted to use these logos or any derivatives thereof to promote their Theraplay education, training, or certification status. Practitioners with active Theraplay certification may use these badges.

Requests to use any of these logos should be submitted to [email protected]. Samples of the proposed use may be requested. Permission to use logos of Theraplay affiliates outside of the United States should be obtained by contacting those affiliate administrators directly.

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