Annual Report

The Theraplay Institute facilitates child and family emotional well-being by maintaining global standards for the practice of Theraplay through professional certification and development, engagement, and education in Theraplay.

The Theraplay Clinic builds strong families and emotionally healthy children and adults through Theraplay-based treatment. Theraplay is an attachment-based play therapy modality that strengthens the child-caregiver relationship through fun activities.

Theraplay Around the World

The modality of Theraplay as a therapeutic intervention was created in Chicago in the 1960s. Since the 1980s, The Theraplay Institute (TTI) and our global affiliates have trained professionals in more than 62 countries. Last year, 1,555 professionals in the US and around the world took a Level One Theraplay training.

Theraplay Practicum and Certification

The Theraplay Institute’s certification program provides eligible trainees with the opportunity to become certified in Theraplay under the guidance of a Theraplay Supervisor. Certified supervisors provide guidance in applying Theraplay concepts with families and groups. Last year, 198 professionals completed their training and supervision requirements for the different levels of Theraplay certification offered.

The Theraplay Association Membership

Practitioners maintain ongoing association membership with TTI (or a local international affiliate) in order to keep their certifications in good standing and to support long-term fidelity of the Theraplay model.

Media: Tools and Resources to Support Theraplay Practice

We offer a number of printed and digital resources designed to support practitioners, teachers, parents, and caregivers.

The Theraplay Clinic

Theraplay Practitioners support children and families with clinical and nonclinical Theraplay interventions around the world. They work in clinics, residential homes, schools, and more. The Theraplay Clinic (TTC) supports children and families in the Chicagoland area. On average, the clinic serves between 50 and 60 families per month through individual therapy services and group programs.

Support Our Mission

Please consider supporting access to Theraplay services for children and families by: Donating to our BIPOC professional training scholarship program, local clinic services and programs, or our general funds, volunteering with us to support local community engagement efforts, or partnering with TTI and TTC to bring Theraplay programming and services to families and communities.

Annual Reports


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