Dr. Joe Serrano

Former Theraplay clinic manager, Dr. Joe Serrano, has stayed closely connected to The Theraplay Institute as their artist-in-residence. He currently has painted six murals within the Theraplay Institute building, with plans of completing two more elaborate art pieces in the near future.

As a Chicagoland native, Joe’s artistic endeavors originated in early childhood and have led to decades of honing his creativity and artistic skills. Self-described as a “Nerd,” Joe’s playful artwork primarily focuses on bringing nerd culture to life through various mediums such as acrylic and watercolor paint, digital art, spray paint, wall murals, and costume design and prop building. In contrast, his additional art styles often portray a sense of elegance and tenderness as his love of urban culture, nature, and realism shine through his work.

Joe has always strived to push past his own artistic limitations and continuously learn new mediums and styles. His artistic accomplishments include teaching art workshops to children, creating murals within buildings and schools in Chicago, being an award-winning costume fabricator, and having his work featured in nationally known books, videos, websites, and magazines.

Current Work

Residency Work

Here are all six of the murals Dr. Joe Serrano has painted in The Theraplay Clinic.

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