Becca Gasso

Becca Gasso – Ceramicist

The pottery studio is Becca Gasso’s safe space. It is where she can escape from the hard realities of life and recenter herself through working with clay. In large part, that’s what inspires her ceramics. When creating, Becca focuses on those moments of sharing a meal with others, having a cup of coffee, the times that spark joy in life, and moments that you can slow down to be present with yourself and others. Working with clay is an imperfect process. She doesn’t strive for perfection in her work, but rather she embraces and celebrates the little missteps; showing the throwing lines caused by the pressure of her hands on the clay, keeping the tong marks or finger marks in the glaze to show the handcrafted nature of each piece. Each piece is a part of her.  Becca wants to spend her time creating sets of pieces that inspire her to slow down outside of the studio while she uses them. Becca wants to include others in this process, so that she can learn what inspires them to embrace the time and space they are in. 

Current Work

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