Helen Maund

is a HCPC Registered Senior Social Worker and a Certified Theraplay® Practitioner.  Helen has also completed her DDP level 1 training and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play.  Helen has worked in social work with children and families for 16 years, working in child protection, family support and in a residential setting but for the last 11 years has specialized in adoption.  Helen works for Norfolk Adoption Service providing therapeutic interventions for children in foster care and adoptive families.  Since completing the level one training in 2007 Helen has worked with individual children and foster or adoptive parents providing Theraplay.  Helen helps to inform all Norfolk’s prospective adoptive families on the benefits of using play to build strong relationships. In addition, Helen provides advice, guidance and consultation to parents, careers, schools and other professionals on the impact of trauma on children and on parenting approaches.   Her clinical experience includes helping children who have experienced trauma through abuse and neglect and also children with additional complexities including children with pre-natal exposure to drugs and alcohol and sensory processing disorders.  Helen can be reached at [email protected]

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