Lydia Glibota


is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Michigan and Certified Theraplay Therapist and Trainer. Lydia has a private practice in South East Michigan. She provides outpatient treatment for children, families, parents and adults who struggle with mood and anxiety and/or have a history of complex relational trauma with disrupted attachment. Lydia incorporates modalities such as Theraplay, DDP strategies, EMDR, and mindfulness practices. Lydia earned her Honors BA in Psychology from York University, her Bachelor of Social Work from University of Windsor and Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University. She began her career as a family service worker for the Children’s Aid Society in 2004. The following year she joined the outpatient treatment team at Windsor Regional Hospital as a crisis intervention worker providing emergency room assessments, single session and brief therapy services. She was liaison for the community adolescent mental health beds and provided therapeutic intervention for adolescents discharging from the mental health bed assessment program. Prior to moving exclusively to her current private practice Lydia joined the specialized treatment team at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Regional Children’s Centre, serving families and their children with complex needs. Lydia can be reached at [email protected]

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