Training and Certification Scholarships

The Theraplay Institute’s BIPOC Scholarship Fund exists to provide an opportunity for historically impeded members of the community seeking to enhance their clinical practice through training in the Theraplay model. This scholarship is offered by The Theraplay Institute with the understanding that institutional and financial barriers oppress BIPOC clinicians in their pursuit of continuing education,  preventing a diverse community of clinicians. This leads to disparity within the broader community when BIPOC families have access to a limited number of BIPOC clinicians with specific training in attachment. The Theraplay Institute is a not-for-profit organization that aims for children and families in every community to experience exceptional mental health and wellness. By offering this scholarship, we aim to increase ease of access to Theraplay training and certification for BIPOC clinicians. When there is greater diversity amongst Theraplay-trained clinicians, families and communities are better served, and our global Theraplay network is enhanced. 

Applications for the BIPOC Theraplay Practitioner Scholarship Fund will be accepted starting July 1, 2023.  Submit your application here

Anyone self-identifying as a group included in the BIPOC umbrella term (such as Black, Latinx, Asian/Pacific American, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Alaskan Native, Desi, or Chicanx) would be eligible to receive funding. Scholarship applicants must be located within the U.S. or a U.S. territory (so long as they are able to attend any in-person training requirements in the U.S.)

You should receive a response within two business days of submitting your response. If you haven’t received a response after two full business days, contact us at [email protected].

Only ONE of the following may be awarded to an individual applicant per annual period from date of application submission. This equates to 50% of the total member fee for:

    • Modules 1-6, 
    • Level One Theraplay & MIM,
    • Group Theraplay training,
    • the Foundational Training package (Modules 1-6 or Level One)
    • or practicum registration and supervision for ONE level of certification (Foundational, Intermediate, or Certified) 

One year of membership in the Theraplay Association, CEs and training materials are included when applicable.

Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

  • For Level One Theraplay & MIM and Modules 1-6 training, the scholarship includes any required training materials as well as CEs (should the applicant elect to receive them and be otherwise eligible).
  • For supervision and certification, the scholarship applies to the application and supervision fees for one level of certification for dyadic or Group Theraplay.

  • Scholarships will be awarded to a maximum of one applicant per organization per calendar year, for either training or practicum.
  • Individual applicants may not receive more than one scholarship for any program per calendar year. If funds are forfeited or otherwise not used, the applicant must wait one calendar year to reapply for another scholarship.
  • Should more than one applicant from an organization apply, TTI may request that one of the applications be rescinded.

The application period for 2023-24 begins July 1 and will be open as long as funds are available.

  • Scholarship recipients must confirm acceptance of their scholarship award within 30 days of the emailed award notification.
  • Scholarship recipients have 6 months from the date of their scholarship award to complete their training registration and/or certification application or their funds will be forfeited. Training and completion of certification requirements do not have to take place within those 6 months.

For those receiving funds, we require a brief written testimonial following the conclusion of their program.

If you have additional questions or are not sure where to start, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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