Camilla Gravgaard Birkler

Camilla Birkler is a Certified Theraplay Practitioner and Supervisor living and practicing in Esbjerg, Denmark. Since she became a psychologist in 2002 she has been working with children (and their families) with complex trauma. She uses multiple approaches (Play Therapy, Sandplay, EMDR, Storytelling, Systemic family therapy and Neuroaffective Psychotherapy). Camilla is beside Theraplay trained in Play Therapy and EMDR. Camilla has her own private practice in Esbjerg. For 15 years she has also worked at the local treatment centre for children, youngsters and their families. They have specialized in treating clients with complex trauma history and serious attachments difficulties. They also has an important role as consultants for the local department of Social Service. Camilla also educate and supervise professionals around the Danish country. Contact info: [email protected]

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