Marja Appel

Marja is a certified mental health psychologist and certified as a orthopedagoog-generalist. She has been working therapeutically with children and parents individually for 10 years in the Netherlands. She uses multiple approaches, Play Therapy, Symboldrama therapy (Leuner), Videofeedback team coaching (Heijkoop), EMDR, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is Trainer and Supervisor in the post-graduate training Play Therapy as well. Marja works in a small psychiatric treatment centre for children 5-12 years old, as a clinical director.  She also has her own practice were she does a lot of attachment and trauma work. Marja is a consultant for the Centre of Consulting and Expertise. She helps professionals to solve the very severe problems of children and adults in residential care, schools, or families.

Since 1983 she is specialist in the field of developmental and intellectual disabilities and brain injury; she worked in several residential care institutions for children and adults. She did a lot of projects to help with the transition to normal community-based living and wrote a book “Groeien naar gelijkwaardigheid” in 1992 about this subject (the book was translated in German language). After finishing her Play Therapy training, it was a challenge for her to develop therapeutic options for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She wrote a chapter about Play Therapy with intellectually disabled children in a manual for Play Therapy, Spel in psychotherapie 2010.

Marja was certified as a Theraplay® Practitioner in 2011.  She can be contacted: [email protected]

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