Marie Olsen-Kludt


is both a Certified Theraplay Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor and a Certified EMDR Therapist. Furthermore, she is a Specialist and Supervisor in Child Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Marie is the Executive Director of Theraplay Denmark. Among other theoretical understandings she has specialized in NeuroAffective Developmental Psychology, an approach developed by psychologist Susan Hart, bridging theories of emotional development with brain research, and creating new ways to understand psychotherapy with children and families. Since 2007 she has worked in her own private practice as a clinical psychologist and over the years she has specialized in therapeutic work in the areas of complex trauma, fostering and adoption and in children – and parents – with varied difficulties in forming relationships. Marie often combines different modalities to capture the complexity of her work. In combination with Theraplay she often combines with EMDR, Dyadic Development Psychotherapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Systemic and Narrative Psychotherapy.

She has written a chapter about the Marchak Interaction Method published in a book about attachment-based assessment methods as well as a chapter about MIM seen in the light of the NeuroAffective Compasses for the upcoming Clinical Handbook – How to use MIM edited by Sara Saalo and Phyllis Booth. She teaches and supervises professionals and gives workshops and trainings all over Denmark.

Before Marie became a psychologist, she was a schoolteacher, and has a broad experience within the educational area. After she obtained her degree of psychology in 2002, she worked within the local Educational Psychology Department of Counselling for several years.
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