Virginie Vandenbroucke

I got my first degree in clinical psychology in 1985. I worked in child motherhood prevention service (PMI) as well as in the child welfare service (ASE) with children who were neglected or maltreated mainly with young children. In 1997 I graduated in perinatal haptonomy and haptopsychotherapy, which uses emotional touching to develop the child-parent relationship since pregnancy and in psychotherapy, and I then practiced as a psychotherapist in a public consultation depending on the hospital. (CMP)
Then for 20 years I stopped working as a psychotherapist to take care of my 3 daughters but I continued my activity of support of prenatal parent-child relationship with haptonomy. In 2014, at the same time as taking up a private practice, I got a degree in theory of attachment. In 2016 I discovered Theraplay. I am one of the first Theraplay therapists certified in France, passionate about this form of work that combines my theoretical understanding underpinned by my university degree and my clinical practice carried by haptonomy. I practice with babies, children and adolescents and their parents. I am also certified since January 2019 as Theraplay Supervisor which allows me to develop my pleasure of transmission and my enthusiasm for Theraplay. You can contact me at [email protected]

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