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Do you feel that you’re missing something in your understanding of your child’s behavior?  Despite your best intentions, do you worry that the way you react to your child may be making things worse?  At The Theraplay Institute, we understand that all parents and children encounter strains in their relationship at some point. Maybe a new sibling is born and the burden of shifting attention has caused a child distress. Maybe a child’s difficult temperament is challenging. Maybe a stressful crisis at work or with other family members has set the parent-child relationship off-course. For parents seeking guidance and empowerment, a Brief Parent-Child Consultation can help.

The Brief Consultation is a series of 5 sessions that will empower parents to figure out some solutions to the strain.  This consultation experience provides parents the opportunity to learn about their child’s underlying feelings and motives, as well as learn about their own behavior in interactions with their child.  Theraplay practitioners are trained to give non-judgmental and helpful guidance to parents. In addition, Theraplay practitioners are experts in finding the strengths in the parent and child, so they can build on what is successful. At the end of 5 sessions, parents will have new insights and practical strategies to create a more harmonious relationship with their child.

How It Works

In the session 1, parents meet with a Theraplay Practitioner to discuss their developmental or behavioral questions/concerns.

In sessions 2 and 3, the child and one parent, and then the child and the other parent (if applicable), completes a series of simple tasks designed to elicit a range of behaviors in the child. The interaction takes 30-60 minutes for the child with each parent. The interactions are videotaped. The therapist then reviews the videotaped interactions to prepare feedback for the parents.

Sessions 4 and 5 are feedback discussions with parents. Feedback includes showing parents segments of the videotape to highlight positive interactions and strengths, as well as areas for improvement, and to demonstrate the most effective ways to engage and interact with their child. The video viewing also provides parents with the opportunity to show and describe what they’re experiencing. The therapist will discuss strategies on how to deal with behavioral problems at home, based on the feedback discussions. A written list of recommendations, strategies, and resources will be provided.

The therapist will also provide a formal written report for an additional charge.

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