Sanghee Lee

In the undergraduate department, I majored in child welfare at Sookmyung Women’s University. After that, I experienced as a daycare teacher by Seongnam Samsung Child Care Center. In order to become a good teacher, I entered the master’s course as a major in early childhood education.

I entered the Ph.D. program in 1999. At that time, I recognized the importance of parent-child relationships and attachment. I have continuously developed The Mother-Child Theraplay Program. I obtained a doctorate in literature in February 2003 to verify the effectiveness of the program.

From March 2005 to February 2007, I worked as a professor of child welfare at Namseoul University.  After that, from March 2007 to February 2011, The Heart Psychological Institute was established and managed.

I have been working as a professor at Duwon Technical University since March 2011. Doowon Technical University

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Seunghee Ju

Over the years, I have been providing Theraplay in the field for attachment relationship between parents and children. I was certified Theraplay therapist in 2010 and now I am in-training supervisor and trainer.

I also have extensive experience not only children who have psychological difficulties not also children who have developmentally delayed children.

I have run private counseling center for children, teenagers in south korea for 10years. My major is early childhood counseling and my interest is also to build secure attachment between young child and their parents.

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Leeseon Choi

She is a Gestalt Psychotherapist in private practice in South Korea. She has specialized in training in Counseling and Educational Psychology in Sookmyung Women’s University. She spent many years working with children, adolescents, and their families in school settings and private practice. She has taught graduate level courses at major graduate institutions. She is also a Theraplay Certified practitioner, training trainer, supervisor international and a WCI Certified Gestalt Therapist with Children and Adolescents.

I love Theraplay forever. 

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Park Seon Joo

Park Seon Joo is certified Theraplay therapist from Aug. 2011 and also one of the first Theraplay Therapists in Korea who were accredited by the SunShine Circle Leaders.   

She has been working at the Child Care Center for last 20 years and applied Sunshine Circle Theraplay theory and skills in the field and also experienced efficacy of Sunshine Circle and Theraplay. 

She opened her own Theraplay and Children Counseling Center in Nov. 2014 and is now mainly focused on Theraplay for Autistic Child.  

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Seyoung Kim


served as the president of the Korean Association of Theraplay. She is a certified Theraplay Trainer, Supervisor and Practitioner. She has studied child welfare and psychotherapy at Sookmyung women’s University. She’s a clinical director of the Playful healing Counselling Center in Seoul, South Korea. She’s interested in ASD and adaptive disorder child Theraplay. In the main reserch, there is “Action Research on the Parent Training based Theraplay for Children with Developmental Disabilities”.

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Shin Hyun Jung


is a Professor and researcher of social welfare at Yeon Sung University. She is a member of the Alliance for Theraplay in South Korea board of directors, and a Theraplay supervisor in training.

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Lee Sang Hee

M.Ed., Litt.D

is a Professor at Doowon Technical University, Department of Child Welfare. She is a Certified Theraplay Practitioner and a Theraplay Supervisor in training.

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Kwon Eun Hee


is the director of Kwon Eun Hee’s Theraplay Child Counseling Center.  She is a Certified Theraplay Practitioner and a Theraplay Supervisor in training.

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Kim Kye Yeon

is the director of Kim’s Theraplay Counseling Center.  She is a Certified Theraplay Practitioner and a Theraplay Supervisor in training.

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Hyunjung Shin


is a certified Theraplay Practitioner and Trainer. She earned a Ph.D studying social welfare, child welfare, and child psychotherapy at Ewha and Sookmyung University. She has been interested in phenomenology and interaction, and has published qualitative research (“General transmission in nurturing that have experienced as child counselor-mother” et al.) She is a trainer for Gestalt therapy for children and adolescents, and a professor and dean of student counseling center of Yeonsung University in South Korea.

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