Module 5: Treatment Planning in Theraplay


Theraplay® is a child and family modality of play therapy for building and enhancing attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement. Rated as “effective” by the SAMHSA National Registry for Evidenced – Based Programs and Practices, it is based on the natural patterns of playful, healthy interaction between parent and child and is personal, physical, and fun. The fifth module focuses on planning Theraplay treatment. The course begins by learning how to adapt what was learned in the Marschak Interaction Method play therapy assessment into treatment goals. This will be accomplished by examining the four dimensions of Theraplay and how what is seen in the MIM relates to the presenting problems. Practitioners will learn how to connect behaviors to sensory needs. Further attention will be given to examining the eight senses and the role they play in a child’s regulation needs. The child’s unique sensory and regulation profile will then be considered when creating a series of play therapy sessions for a demonstration case. It is important for new Theraplay clinicians to understand the phases of treatment and how to work through resistance in play therapy interactions. The last major topic to be explored in this module is the therapist’s use of self in Theraplay treatment. While countertransference is present in all forms of play therapy, it is even more prevalent in Theraplay due to the intimacy of interactions. Completion of this module will prepare clinicians new and experienced for how to masterfully work through a Theraplay case from beginning to end.

Prerequisite: Module 1,2, 3 and 4
CEs: 6
Required for certification

Upcoming Training

  • This training builds upon content learned in the MIM Module to help clinicians learn to adapt what is learned in the MIM into treatment goals.
  • This training outlines how to examine behaviors through the lens of sensory and regulation needs.
  • This training explains the relationship between the eight senses and regulation states.
  • The training provides an overview of the phases of treatment.
  • The training explains how to work through resistance.
  • It features videos of Theraplay treatment with several different clients, in addition to the demonstration family which will be examined in greater detail.

  • Formulate play therapy treatment goals from MIM findings
  • Find how regulation is reflective of reactions to sensory input
  • Identify the underlying causes of child resistance in Theraplay play sessions
  • Indicate when issues of transference and countertransference enter the play therapy room
  • Interpret a child’s body movements as requiring hypo- or hyper- co-regulation in play therapy treatment
  • Summarize the eight senses and their role in play therapy
  • List the six phases of Theraplay treatment

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