What is Theraplay Seminar


This program is designed for professionals who would like to know more about Theraplay because they are considering adding Theraplay to their practice, refer others for treatment, or work with others using Theraplay. It is suitable for graduate students and professors as well as practicing clinicians.

This seminar is also offered as a webinar.

Interested in bringing this training live to your agency? Please contact [email protected]¬†for more information.

Prerequisite: None
CEs: 6 (in-person program only)
4 (live webinar platform)

Upcoming Training

  • Principles of attachment theory on an intellectual and experiential level
  • The Four Dimensions of Theraplay for child development
  • An overview of the Theraplay protocol
  • An overview of the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM), the assessment tool specific to Theraplay
  • An overview of the role of parents throughout treatment
  • An introduction to adapting Theraplay to Groups and different populations

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the Theraplay model, a modality of play therapy, and its roots in Attachment Theory
  • Describe of the Theraplay dimensions of Structure, Engagement, Nurture, and Challenge are used to meet children’s needs and address behavior problems in play therapy
  • Demonstrate 2 play therapy activities from each of Theraplay’s four dimensions
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of how the MIM is utilized to assess the parent-child relationship and to plan play therapy treatment
  • Demonstrate how Theraplay play therapy interactions are conducted with preschool and school aged children, children with developmental problems, and groups
  • Describe how parents participate in Theraplay play therapy sessions

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