Jenny Podd

Certified Theraplay Practitioner, Supervisor in Training, and fully qualified Practice Educator. Jenny is a registered HCPC Social Worker with many years’ experience in working with children and families. Her specialism is developmental trauma and attachment and Jenny currently works within a spciealist CAMHS service for Looked After and Adopted Children. Jenny is also trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy to Level II and uses both this and Theraplay as effective intervention tools to support her work with children that have experienced trauma and abuse. Jenny is passionate about helping children to build trusting, attuned relationships with their parents and carers through the use of Theraplay.

In addition to her direct work with families, Jenny also offeres consultation to a wide range of professionals and delivers attachment training to foster carers and Social Workers. Jenny also oversees the use of Theraplay within her specialist service and supports and mentors colleagues across Nottinghamshire who are trained in and using Theraplay in their practice. She can be contacted via [email protected]

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Heidi Pannell


has been a social worker for 20 years and is dedicated to building better futures for children. Heidi is a Certified Theraplay practitioner and Supervisor-in-Training, a Practitioner in Training in DDP, and a Relax Kids Coach.  

Heidi has worked in the adoption arena for 6 years with my previous work experience comprising Safeguarding and Residential social work and different posts in community based Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS).  Through her work experience she has gained therapeutic skill, specialist knowledge of attachment and developmental trauma, and particular understanding of the services and processes within the adoption sector. 

In addition to direct work with families, Heidi also provides consultation and supervision to professionals including social workers, teachers, foster carers and Special Guardians.  Heidi regularly delivers attachment training to parents and provides therapeutic group work for children, in educational and other settings.   

Heidi has a strong academic background and early in her career spent a number of years working overseas with children experiencing deprivation.  Heidi lives in the North West of England and has 2 children. Heidi can be reached at [email protected] 

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Julie McCann

BA (Hons), PGCE, MA (Play Therapy)

Julie McCann is a BAPT Play Therapist and Certified Theraplay Practitioner based in south London where she works for the UK charity TACT and is attached to their London adoption team. The focus of her work is a BBC Children In Need funded project called ‘The Power of Play’ which supports adoptive families in the early stages of placement with Theraplay based sessions and offers life story play therapy and long-term Theraplay interventions for children who have been with their adopters for some time. She also supervises therapy and counselling students from Roehampton University master’s programmes. Julie has been working closely with the Theraplay Institute in the US to re-write the practicum documents for UK settings and is a member of the UK Theraplay Leadership Group. She uses her play therapy skills in private practice and in local community groups , working with children and their families to build stronger attachments and process feelings around trauma and loss associated with deprivation, immigration status and temporary housing.

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Louise Howarth

BSc (Hons), MSW, CQSW, PGDip (Play therapy)

is a qualified social worker and play therapist. She is a certified Theraplay Practitioner, trainer in training and supervisor in training. Louise has specialised in therapeutic work with children and families impacted by abuse and trauma and disrupted Attachment relationships. She worked for NSPCC for over 16 years.

For the past 7 years she has worked within the field of adoption and adoption support as a practitioner and manager. She has experience providing Theraplay interventions with adoptive families from early placement onwards. She has taken a lead role in developing and promoting Theraplay within the agencies she has worked and has supported and mentored staff to implement Theraplay techniques in their work. She has been involved in Theraplay Level 1 training as an assistant and trainer in training.

Louise now works freelance as a play therapist and Theraplay practitioner and is keen to support students to develop skills in Theraplay and achieve their foundational level. Louise is based in East Yorkshire and can be contacted at [email protected]

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Sarah Foster

Registered Social worker; State Registered Dramatherapist,

Sarah is based in Merseyside. She has 10 years’ experience as a local authority Child Care Social Worker, including working in a fostering and adoption  team, followed by 16 years’ experience within tier 3 CAMHS, which has included a specialist role addressing the mental health needs of children who  are fostered, adopted and in residential care. She has extensive experience of issues relating to attachment and trauma, and has developed creative ways to engage children, young people and their families.

Sarah has been running a Theraplay clinic within CAMHS since Certification in 2013 which she has found to be highly effective in promoting healthy functioning.  Sarah is impressed by the versatility of Theraplay and its ability to overcome a child’s resistance. Using a combination of skills, where necessary Sarah is able to adapt interventions according to the child’s developmental progress.

Sarah welcomes the opportunity to use the benefit of her experience to guide others in the use of Theraplay recognising the positive, enduring impact that this intervention has upon children and their caregivers.

[email protected]

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Amelia Fay Taylor

Dr. Amelia Fay Taylor, BSc Hons, PGCE, DAppEdPsy, HCPC Reg. CPsychol.

Amelia is a certified Theraplay Practitioner and Chartered HCPC Registered Educational Psychologist. She works within a Local Authority Educational Psychology Service in the North East of England and also independently provides assessment and therapeutic work through LifeCycles Psychology. Amelia specializes in work with children in care and post adoption where there is a history of trauma and attachment difficulties. Amelia also integrates Theraplay with mountain biking in her LifeCycles Programme. Amelia is also trained in Video Interaction Guidance, DDP and to teach Mindfulness with children. She is passionate about developing Theraplay practice in her area to bring the highest quality evidence based interventions to families in need. Amelia is currently a Theraplay Supervisor in training. Amelia can be contacted at [email protected]

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Carla Coley

has have been a qualified social worker for over 7 years and has spent this time specialising in the adoption field. Carla is a certified Theraplay practitioner, DDP level 1 trained, has Assisted on Theraplay Training, and Now in the Theraplay supervisor practicum. 

Carla has extensive experience and skills in providing therapeutic interventions, such as Theraplay, life story work, in providing attachment training, from this she has gained specialist knowledge of attachment and developmental trauma.

Carla has worked closely with professionals such as teachers, foster cares, social workers. Within this work she has developed bespoke packages of support including classroom observations, group work, consultations, and specialist training. Carla can be reached by email at [email protected],

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Anne Bone

is an Independent & Family Services Professional who has run a successful private practice for the last sixteen years. She has a BA(Hons) in Social Work & Community Studies and is a qualified counsellor counselling supervisor and social worker. She is trained in both person centred and psychodynamic approaches. She is a certified Theraplay practitioner Theraplay trainer in training and Theraplay supervisor in training. She provides Theraplay intervention and attachment relating trainings to a number of local authorities and Theraplay intervention consultation and attachment based training to Community Foster Care foster carers and to staff in Lancaster. 

In Anne’s previous professional roles she was a (job share) Registered Manager for Community Foster Care and during her time working for After Adoption she was involved in designing, developing and delivering a hugely successful national therapeutic training programme for parents and professionals. Anne has worked as a counsellor in schools and she also currently supervises a number of counsellors who work in schools. She also has experience as a mediator through working previously for the special educational needs disagreement resolution service. Anne has been involved in adoption and fostering both personally and professionally for over thirty five years and she has a passionate interest in promoting healthy attachments between children and families. She can be contacted on 

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Joanna Blundell Jones


is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist and Certified Theraplay Practitioner and is now working towards becoming a Theraplay Supervisor. Currently she primarily works with families where children (0-18) have been diagnosed with cancer or non-malignant haematological conditions, both during and after treatment. Joanna has also worked within a community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). These job roles mean she has used Theraplay with birth families as well as fostered and adopted children. Her therapeutic work generally involves Theraplay, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness, solution-focused, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches. She has attended Level 1 Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy training with Dan Hughes and integrates elements of this into her work as appropriate. She sees Theraplay as integral in her workplace for strengthening parent-child relationships in the context of physical health conditions and medical trauma as parents often have to ‘become’ doctors and nurses to their child. Joanna resides in Sheffield, UK, where she works for the NHS. Joanna can be reached at [email protected]

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Vicky Blackwell

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (PG-Dip), Certified Theraplay Practitioner and supervisor (in training) HCPC Social Worker

Vicky has been working independetly 4 years providing a therapeutic service to children and their families. Prior to this Vicky worked in the voluntary sector for 6 years providing therapeutic support using Theraplay techniques to adoptive familes. She has also attended Level 1 DDP training and uses the techniques within her practice. Vicky has worked in the social care sector for 15 years.

Vicky has been providing long-term therapeutic packages to fostered and adoptive families within the North West area, as well as child therapy for private families. She offers an integrative approach and is able to devise needs-led assessments and interventions to meet the complex needs of looked after and adopted children of all ages, and their families. Vicky has an extensive knowledge and awareness of attachment and trauma from working within the field for 10 years and uses attachment based therapy and Theraplay, working with the whole family, or child-led interventions using a variety of creative methods, including somatic/sensory, play, art and hypnotherapy/mindulness, in lots of creative ways. She is very passionate about her work and dedicated to finding ways to support children who have experienced trauma.

Vicky also offers consultancy to fostering agencies and has developed a mental health workshop to children and currently provides therapy to a children’s service within a charity for victims of Domestic Violence.

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